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01:48 The Misfits Static Age
28:04 Misfits Legacy Of Brutality Excellent Sound Full Album
08:23 Misfits Rare Static Age Recording Session
01:43 The Misfits "Hybrid Moments" Album Static Age
03:31 Static Age/Tv Casualty Live The Misfits
01:39 The Misfits "Bullet" Album Static Age
24:59 Walk Among Us Misfits
01:26 In The Doorway Static Age THE MISFITS
01:29 Static Age Live Minneapolis 11 11 MISFITS
02:51 The Misfits "Teenagers From Mars" Album Static Age
01:25 The Misfits "She" Album Static Age
35:05 The Misfits Static Age Full Album
06:31 Static Age / Tv Casualty / Last Caress Live Chile THE MISFITS
09:25 Hd Misfits Static Age Side A
02:02 The Misfits "Some Kinda Hate" Album Static Age
01:39 The Misfits "Angelfuck" Album Static Age
09:05 Static Age Demos Part 1 Misfits