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03:18 Gwen Mccrae Rockin Chair
04:11 Gwen Mccrae Rockin Chair
09:58 Gwen Mccrae Rockin Chair Keep The Fire Burning 90% Of Me Clean Up Woman Tour
03:30 Rockin Chair Original Stereo Gwen McCrae
03:24 Gwen Mccrae Rocking Chair ROCKIN CHAIR
03:13 Rockin Chair Gwen McCrae
03:24 B Vitolio Rocking Chair
06:00 Lets Straighten It Out Performed With Latimore Gwen McCrae
02:58 George Mccrae Rock Your Baby
03:03 Damn Right Its Good Tv Performance GWEN McCRAE
03:22 Rockin Chair Earnie Jay Media Gwen McCrae
03:06 Rock Your Baby Soul Train George McCrae