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03:53 Brave Shine Aimer
04:10 Live Brave Shine
02:05 Brave Shine Cover By Raon Lee Fate/Stay Night op2
04:08 "Brave Shine" Full Opening English Ver Amalee Fate/Stay Night
01:46 Aimer Brave Shine Music Video
03:49 Brave Shine With English Lyrics And Romanji Aimer
03:51 Aimer Sub Indo Romaji Brave Shine
04:19 Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works / Brave Shine Nika Lenina Russian Version
2:07:26 Live In Budokan "Blanc Et Noir" Aimer
01:37 Brave Shine By Aimer Cover By Alida #FateStayNight #Aimer #BraveShine Fate/Stay Night op2
03:48 Brave Shine Aimer エメ スタジオライブ リスアニ Studio特別編 Aimer
03:49 Brave Shine English Lyrics
03:55 Brave Shine Anime Expo Aimer
01:34 バンドでfate/Stay Night Op Brave Shine を演奏してみた ゲシュタルト崩壊 Aimer アニソン
02:04 Fate/Stay Night Op Bricie & Animemidi Brave Shine English Piano Ver
03:51 Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works Full English Cover By Sapphire "Brave Shine"
04:10 Fate Stay Night / Brave Shine Aimer Cover Latino