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03:40 Sister Mary Gertrude
25:07 Gertrude Berg Marion Ross Mary Wickes The First Day Tv
02:46 My Auld Killarney Hat
03:07 He Wrote The Revelation And If You Live Like Jesus Told You Sister Gertrude Morgan
03:05 My Auld Killarney Hat Wmv
01:35 I Was Healed By The Wounds In His Side
02:00 Gertrude Baniszewski Parol Board God Thanks She Is Dead Now Evils Wife
04:49 Soul Sister Gertrude Higher Octane
04:17 Heaven Official Video Eyes For Gertrude
45:36 Miss Hargreaves Mary Wickes Melville Cooper Tv
00:57 Dunloy Accordion Gertrude Stars 50th Anniversary Parade
1:10:32 Women In Early Country Music Us Blues Folk World & Country Flowers In The Wildwood
28:11 Anita O Day Kaye Stevens Rare Tv Interview
03:55 Sweet Sally
02:48 Mary Live Acoustic Ben Cummings
02:04 Last Town
05:38 Hail Mary Gentle Woman Full Version