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04:38 Nader Khan Lyrics Video For Echoes From The Album Water Rel
04:45 Presence Nader Khan A Sufi Cover Of Hallelujah From The Album Water Rel
06:09 Nasheed W/Lyrics/Translation Nader Khan Sound Of Tears
04:06 Nader Khan & The Blacksmiths
04:42 Nader Khan Marhaba
00:32 Nader Khan S #Water The Album Tour Uk
01:14 Nader Khan S #Water The Album Tour Glasgow
01:09 Nader Khan S #Water The Album Tour London
11:32 Nader Khan Qasidah Unplugged
06:53 Nader Khan At Seekershub Toronto "We Are Present In The Garden Of The Messenger"
03:53 Nader Khan & Dawud Wharnsby Perform "Zikr N Blues" For The Feedme Concert At Isna Canada Centre
09:57 Zikr & Blues Nader Khan Performing At The Islamic Museum In Kuala Lampur Malaysia
03:27 Sh Mendes What You Can Expect From Nader Khan S Songs
08:26 2nd May Nader Khan Singing "The Sound Of Tears" At Celebrate Mercy Melbourne
03:24 Ahl Al Bayt Nader Khan
06:35 The Sound Of Tears
01:18 The Album Tour May #Savethedate To #Quenchthethirstuk WATER